When all is said and done, all disasters are local. Sure, they may impact multiple counties or even states (just look at the events of Hurricane Katrina), but everything is local to somebody. Because of this, it just makes sense to get prepared for the things that are most l likely to happen in your own neck of the woods.

Living in Northern Illinois doesn’t present me with much likelihood of being affected by a hurricane or earthquake, but we have tornadoes strike in my general area at least once a year. We experience severe weather in the warm weather as well as in the winter, often with very strong winds that can damage trees or our above-ground power lines. The power goes out a couple of times per year.

Because of the risks that are common in my area, I try to plan for them. I keep flashlights and candles around the house for when the power goes out. I have a weather alert radio in the common area of my home. I even have two multiple-power AM/FM/weather band radios in the house, because you need some way to know what’s happening outside of your neighborhood when the power is out.

When you understand what sort of things are likely to happen in your area, you can be ready for when it happens. Do your research and plan for situations that you are most likely to encounter. That way, you are ready to meet disaster head-on and come out well on the other side.