If you are like me, at least one person in your family has to take some sort of medicine on a daily basis.  Traveling in this situation is not hard, but a little forethought is always a good idea.

Generally speaking, nobody cares what you’re carrying as far as prescription medication.  I keep mine in one of those “day of the week” pill boxes and refill it on Sunday.  However, and especially if you’re traveling internationally or on a cruise, it is a good idea to have the original pill bottles on hand.  This actually serves two purposes:  First, it proves that you are supposed to have the pills that you’re carrying.  Second, the bottles will help if you either run out for some reason or if you have a medical emergency.  Emergency responders like to know what medicine you take on a regular basis, since they can provide clues to a medical emergency’s cause.

Let me focus on the second one there for a moment.  Pills can fall on the floor or fall out of your hand and down the sink drain.  What happens if you’re on vacation and don’t have the bottles with you?  For the most part, you’re out of luck.  However, if you have the bottles with you, its possible that you can take them to the nearest pharmacy and get refills.

Regardless of whether or not you take the pill bottles with you, I always suggest taking at least two extra days’ worth of medicine.  You never know if your plane home will get canceled at the last minute.  It happened to me once!