I have long said that I have the body of a god.  Unfortunately, that god happens to be the Laughing Buddha, who is… Um…  We’ll just say that there is a lot of me to love, how about that?

Seriously, though, I am medically classified as obese.  At last weigh-in (when I saw my pulmonologist… That’s a whole ‘nuther story) tilted the scale at about 275 pounds.  I’m 5’ 9″, and 37 years of age.  With those numbers, I have a body mass index of about 40. “Normal” BMI is between 18 and 25.  There are a number of health risks that go along with being obese, some of which can be life threatening.

Some of the commonly known risks are diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  Stroke, sleep apnea, arthritis (specifically osteoarthritis), and cancer are also associated with being obese.  So far, I have been lucky.  I know that my health is generally good, because when I was in the hospital earlier this year, I was tested for just about everything.  Tests for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, heart failure, and a whole host of other health conditions were run to try to figure out what was wrong with me.  Everything came back “clean” at that time.  (It turns out that the problem that put me into the hospital was related to an allergy to my pet parrot.  The diagnosis was “bird-fanciers’ lung” after sending a lung biopsy to the Mayo Clinic.  I’m getting better, but not out of the woods yet.)

I have several health problems, none of which have a direct link (in my case) to my being obese.  I have severe obstructive sleep apnea that causes me to stop breathing about 75 times an hour  while I’m asleep.  The sleep specialist said my study was about the worst she’s ever seen,  and I now use a CPAP.  That’s a machine that helps me breathe when I’m sleeping by blowing into my airway so that it doesn’t collapse.  That’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds, but I’ve got a pretty low treatment level, which is good.  I also have osteoarthritis in my left knee, so walking distances and regularly is between uncomfortable and down-right painful.  On top of that, I live with major depression and panic disorder. I am managing these pretty well with medication. Fortunately(?), these conditions all run in my family, so they are almost certainly not related to my weight.  However, losing 50-80 pounds could only improve them.

Anyway, I’ll be using this blog hop as sort of a check-in and self-motivator to help me get off my fat butt.  I work in IT, which means that I do a lot of sitting at a desk.  I eat too much and don’t get enough exercise.  Bluntly, I’m really lazy.  I am a little better at getting things done if I tell someone else that I’m planning on doing it.  I don’t like looking like a flake. 😉  Hopefully, when I finally get taken off of the steroids that the lung doctor put me on, I’ll have a relatively easy time losing some weight.  In have gained almost 30 pounds since I got put on them. 🙁  On the plus side, I can breathe these days.

I’ll talk to you next Friday!

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