Last weekend, I attended the Midwest Moms Media summit in Chicago.  This was my first blogger conference, and only my third conference overall, the others being a Comdex more than 15 years ago and the other being a reenactor conference.  Please read my guest post at to see my insights.

The conference was enlightening on several different levels, but the most interesting thing to me was the speaker who talked about engaging news media. Thank you, @NancyLoo.  Since part of my goal here is to get information into the hands of the public, her talk was especially useful to me.

I have to say, though, that the swag bag provided by ParentSphere had the coolest thing inside!  It was a Jabra Extreme for PC Bluetooth headset.  Oh, my goodness, is this thing cool!  It comes with a headset and a USB dongle that can be used with a non-Bluetooth enabled computer.  Granted, the “for PC” part doesn’t so much interest me (we are a mostly Mac household) but the Jabra Extreme is SO COOL!  I can connect it with my iMac and use with Skype, and I can connect it to my work cell phone and my personal cell phone at the same time.   I can also use the Jabra Extreme to listen to streamed music from either phone, or use it as a mono headset for the PC as well. The only caveat is that I can “only” have the headset connected to two devices at the same time (both phones, or one phone and one computer).  Waaah, right? 😀

Now, granted, I don’t have lots of use for a headset on my work PC, but there are times that I want to listen to audio on it without having to play it to the rest of the room.  Or, there are times that I need to listen to audio, but want to step away from my desk.  Enter the Jabra Extreme for PC USB dongle!  Total Plug -and-Play. I can now listen to corporate webcasts without having to sit at my desk the whole time.  Winning!

I would like to thank @MJTam of ParentSphere for putting this conference together, and for the TOTALLY WICKED COOL(!) attendee gift.  I’ll definitely be putting it to good use.