In the city of Rockford, we just tied the heat record at 100 F at the airport.  Our heat index is a sweltering 105, and people are at huge risk of heat injury.  The Weather Channel expects heat indexes of up to 126 in Iowa and 119 in Wisconsin.  I think that the weather in the desert Southwest might be cooler than it is in the Midwest! 

People, this is murderous weather.  Literally, it can kill you. I’m not joking.  DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, LEAVE PEOPLE OR PETS IN A NON-AIR CONDITIONED CAR.  Even in 85 degree weather, the inside of a car can quickly reach 120 degrees, even with the windows down.  With the air temperature approaching 100 and heat indexes even higher, I can only expect that cars will easily get to 200 degrees or more.

There is no way that I can overstate the importance of not leaving pets or people in the car.  Cracking the windows does almost nothing, other than providing a deadly false sense of security.  If you see pets or people in cars with the windows rolled up, call 911 immediately.  It is (not “could be” but actually is) a matter of life and death.

The CDC has a Public Service Announcement about staying healthy and safe in hot weather.  Take a listen.

Thanks to my friend @Becks534 for the inspiration for this post.  I know that I’ve tweeted it out a lot lately, but I have a post here that makes good reading for preventing heat injury.

Stay safe, stay hydrated