For the most part, I’m not a “tactical” guy.  I’m not military, I’m not law enforcement, and I don’t play paintball or airsoft, so cammo is not usually something that I am in the market for.  I was, however, in the market for a shemagh in a particular color scheme (foliage green, or foliage and olive-drab), so I used the all-knowing Google to find a vendor.  The vendor that I decided on was Urban Ops Armory, which seems to specialize in war-games supplies and gear.

I was only in the market for a shemagh, but have also had my eye on a “blood type keychain” for a while, so I picked one of those up as well.  The order process was easy and painless, and I had no issues whatsoever with placing the order. 

Unfortunately, when my package arrived about a week later, I opened the shemagh and discovered that it was, while brand new from the manufacturer, it was damaged.   I sent them an email expressing my dismay late on a Friday afternoon (somewhere around 4:20 PM Central time) and got an email back within a half hour asking for pictures so that they could see the damage.  I sent them the images below at about 6:00 PM Central.  I didn’t expect to hear anything back until the following mid-week.

Wednesday morning arrived and I got an email from John at Urban Ops Armory telling me that they were sending me a replacement right away.  THIS is what good customer service is.  I feel that John took a personal interest in making “good” with a customer who had a problem with a product.  After this interaction, I will be happy to recommend Urban Ops Armory to anyone who is in the market for decent tactical gear.

Thank you, John.  I really appreciate it.