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 I’ve never been exactly concerned with my weight, and haven’t given much thought to my eating because of it.  I am also a coffee addict.  It’s not uncommon for me to drink a whole 10-cup pot of coffee by myself, and DVCMom and I spend a considerable amount of time and money at the local Starbucks.  We’ve been Starbucks regulars for somewhere around 10 years or more, and for the last six years (and at least five times a week, as much as 15 times per week), I have had a standard drink:  Triple venti toffee nut latte, whole milk.  That’s a 20-ounce cup with three shots of espresso, steamed whole milk, and some flavored syrup.  When I was put on steroids for my lung condition earlier this year, I was warned that one of the side effects would be weight gain.  After a couple of months, that weight gain started to catch up to me, even though I was trying really hard to keep control of the gain by watching my caloric intake.
That’s when I decided to take a look at my daily latte.  Thanks to the nutrition information on the Starbucks website, I learned (much to my chagrin) that my beloved latte was nearly 400 calories each.  Or, to put it a different way, that single beverage was almost as many calories as a full meal!  Shortly after that, I decided to change my drink to a venti (20-oz.) coffee with cream, for a total of somewhere around 100 calories.  For the summer, I have gone to a trenta (32-oz.) iced coffee with cream, because it’s so darned hot out.
The change from a syrup-flavored latte to a coffee with (occasionally without) cream cut a whole lot of calories out of my daily and weekly intake.  Now, I just need to start going to the gym…
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