Whoops.  I knew that I had fallen off the proverbial wagon for posting in the middle of last month.  My wife and I had scheduled to take a vacation, and the preparations got away from me (even though I only had to square away my work life).  Part of my job getting ready for the trip included making sure that she didn’t go completely bonkers.

I took a whole two weeks off, straight.  That’s the longest stretch that I’ve had off of work in at least 10 years, so I took advantage of it.  Today is my first day back to normal, and I feel pretty good, over all.

While we were on vacation, I took the opportunity to stop in at the Walt Disney World first aid station to get a feeling of what they can cover, in the event that someone’s vacation takes a surprise spill.  I’ll be writing that up in the next few days.

While it was great to be away (and boy, did I learn how out of shape I am!), it’s also glad to be back to my normal routine.