The other day, Art of Manliness tweeted out a question: “What sort of tech-y gear do you recommend for being prepared for a natural disaster?

Given that most of the country is in some sort of urban area in which there is decent cell coverage, I would start with a cell phone and some way to recharge it.  Ideally, the recharger should be either solar powered or hand-crank or, in the best case, both.

I would also pack a multi power radio, especially if it has weather-band capabilities.  One of the biggest problem in a disaster situation is lack of information.  By having a radio on hand, you have contact with the outside world.  Some weather-band radios also have the ability to sound an alert if severe weather is headed your way.

Continuing in the “communication” line of thought, it might be helpful to carry a GMRS 2-way radio in your kit, as well.  Yeah, they run on batteries, and batteries run out, but communication, especially in the first minutes and hours after a natural disaster can mean the difference between life and death.  GMRS radios operate in two different frequency ranges, and one of them requires a license to use legally.  Do your homework before hand and make your decision accordingly

Once darkness falls, you want to have some way to see, so it’s important to have some sort of flashlight in your disaster tech bag.  There’s something to be said for multi powered flashlights.  They may not be the brightest, but you can keep them running long after batteries would have run down.  As an added measure, a flashlight powered by CR123 batteries will store for up to 10 years without having the battery die on you.  They can be somewhat to very much brighter than their multi power counterparts.

Above all, in any sort of emergency or disaster situation, preparedness is unbelievably important.  The most important “tech” that you can have with you is knowledge and a “survivor” mindset.  No piece of equipment is more important.

One of the other things that Art of Manliness asked about was apps to have on hand when “it” hits the fan. I will be looking through the Android and iTunes app store over the next week or two in order to find some and review in another post. Stay safe!