We had some rocking’ thunderstorms last night. Big, bright, beautiful lightning and, thankfully, no tornadoes or power outage.

There were more than a few minutes that I was wondering if we would lose power, though. That’s when I grabbed my “emergency” keychain. What’s on that keychain, you ask? Take a look.

Emergency key chain

From left to right, that’s an optics wipe cloth (for my glasses, mostly) an eGear PICO light, an US quarter for size reference, and my emergency fire set: a striker (the blue bar) with a fire steel and magnesium bar.

Check out the brightness of that light, though! It throws a 10 lumen beam up to 30 feet, which is a good deal more than I need for seeing my way around the house in the dark. In fact, I took that set with me on my recent ocean cruise. The light is so small that I could carry it in my pocket everywhere and barely know it was there.

With something that small available, there is really no good reason to not have some sort of light on your person when out and about. Light is one of those things that falls under the “10 essentials” of outdoor survival.  While I’m mostly an urban survivor, there are many reasons that I would need a flashlight. In fact, I have been in several situations that I’ve had to curse the darkness because I was an idiot and forgot to have something around.

Rescue Essentials has these little bad boys in white light (which I have) and night vision “safe” red light. Either of these is $8.50 and they are built like a tank. They weigh less than an ounce, and run for 15 hours on a set of batteries.

Not too bad, huh?