The SOL (Survive Outdoors Longer) Origin™ retails for about $40.00 and covers 5 of the “10 essentials” of outdoor survival.  It is, by no means, a panacea, but makes for a decent single-purchase starting point for your survival kit.  It is designed by Adventure Medical Kits, a company that I really like for their selection of smartly designed kits (see my review of the AMK “Travel Medic”).

The pictures below are the Origin next to a my REI membership card, which is the size of a standard credit card.

2013 05 16 15 56 22SOL Origin thicknessBesides the (waterproof) case, there are a number of items in the kit:

In my opinion, the SOL Origin™ is best suited for a wilderness survival pack, rather than an urban kit.  In urban areas, there tends to be less of a need for direction finding (I.E. compass  use) or fishing, but the use of a convenient light source or a signaling device (E.G.the whistle and signal mirror) can be useful.  This is particularly the case in the event of large-scale destruction of occupied property, as in the case of a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake.

I have used Tinder Quick previously for experiments.  It lights very quickly and easily with just a few sparks, and it burns for at least two minutes in temperate weather.  While I have not used it went, I understand that Tinder Quick tends to burn even in rain.  Although the need for fire is not necessarily common in urban environments, the ability to make fire is critical in most survival situations.  Fire can be used to sterilize water, provide warmth, provide light, and raise survivors’ spirits come nightfall.

Overall, I would brea overall, I would rate the SOL Origin™ a solid 7.5 out of 10 due to the small form factor and included tools.  The whole concept of the SOL line is to “Survive Outdoors Longer” if the situation is poor.  The SOL Origin™  is small and light enough that it is convenient without being cumbersome.