As we were driving home from our recent vacation, I got tornado warning alerts from home on my phone so we called home to check in with our housemate and the dogs.

Shortly after we called home, my son got a text from one of his friends that the weather guys were warning her part of town to take cover because of the storm, and my wife told him to tell her to put shoes on and grabs jacket just in case.

This is brilliant advise is you think about it, even though it isn’t commonly given. It is brilliant because one thing that happens with tornado damage is that there is destruction and people are unprepared. Once the buildings get destroyed, people have to dig themselves and others to safety, our out the rubble… Which is a dangerous prospect when barefoot! And, that jacket? It will help keep you dry(er) and warm(er) than without one.

Well, that’s the tip of the day: grab your jacket and shoes when the storm sirens go off. You probably won’t need them, but if you do, you REALLY need them.

Stay safe!