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Welcome, readers!  Thanks to Energizer and the Energizer Bunny, I have the opportunity to review one of their various headlights for Collective Bias.  As an emergency preparedness guy, this was a perfect opportunity to test out some new gear and share my thoughts!

The short take: Good buy!  For about $20 plus extra batteries, you have a great little light.



Energizer Brilliant Beam front


Now, I work in retail, at a major competitor of Walmart, so my views there are a “little” biased.  Different corporate cultures and all that.  Be that as it may, I didn’t have any problem finding the headlight display when I got in the store.  It was, logically, in the sports and outdoor section, and included both headlights and “standard” flashlights of various sizes.  I was surprised to see that there were no batteries in the area of the flashlights, though.  When I asked where the batteries were, the Walmart employee told me to check the electronics department and the four-sided display up by the checkouts.  Hrm.  Smart merchandizing would have put some batteries right next to the lights.

The display was both crowded and understocked, in turns.  The Energizer headlight section, however, was nice and full, with a much better selection than the website had shown, and there were headlights that filled a bunch of different sets of needs.  There was one that had a safety flasher on the back of the headband!  That would be GREAT for late night or early morning joggers.

As I said in the first paragraph, there is a lot to like about this light. For one, it is weatherproof, meaning that you don’t have to worry about shorting it out if you have to use it in the rain.  The mount pivots 90 degrees, from straight ahead to straight down and several stops between.  The headband is elastic as well as adjustable, so you can make it fit both securely and comfortably.  The two-button controls are simple to operate, with one button turning the red night vision LEDS on and off and the other cycling through bright spot / low spot / flood / off.  The battery compartment is easy to access with a flip lever securing the door tightly to the compression gasket (to keep water out).

I live in an older area of the city with power lines running on poles above the back yard.  We frequently have power go out for hours or days because of the age of the lines and connections, so we have flashlights stashed around the house for when that happens.  We also have severe weather on a frequent basis, and bad windstorms are almost a common occurrence around here, knocking trees down all over the city.  Standard flashlights are good, but using them while checking the outside of the house for damage makes one hand pretty much unavailable to use.  Headlights, especially work headlights, are great because you can walk around with both hands free… To grab the lawn furniture before it blows away, for example.

I’m including some images of my trials with the Energizer Brilliant Beam headlight here, but for all of them, check out my Google + photo album.  Check out the comments, too!

This light is BRIGHT. I sure could have used this a couple of months back when we had a big storm blow through, but I’ve got it now.

Let me show you how bright “bright” is.

Energizer Brilliant Beam dark stairs

It sure is dark up those stairs!  I hope that there aren’t any grues lurking on the second story…

Energizer Brilliant Beam flood dark stairs

Whew!  Here are those same stairs with my headlight on the flood setting.  I think that there might even be enough light showing into the bathroom at the top of the stairs to allow someone to brush their teeth before bed while the power is out.

Energizer Brilliant Beam NV dark stairs

Same stairs but with the red night vision lights on.  Still bright enough for a couple of people to walk up the stairs without tripping on the cat.

Ok, so we know that we can see well enough to walk around the house.  But what REAL use is this light?  I mean, can we do anything else with it once the storms knock the power out?  Without a doubt!  There have been more occasions than I can count that we’ve blown breakers, especially when we have the window-unit air conditioners or portable heaters running.  Combine that with the fact that the garage’s wiring is busted, and I’ve been in the garage, in the dark a whole bunch of times.  The Energizer Brilliant Beam headlight is awesome for that:

Energizer Brilliant Beam flood in the breaker box

In the garage, in the dark.  don’t mind the cobwebs…  Gotta check the breakers.

The Brilliant Beam is helpful when you have car problems, too.  Overheating car?  Flat tire in the driveway?  More importantly, are you in the middle of the night and need to check under the hood or change a flat?  No worries!

Energizer Brilliant Beam checking engine

Energizer Brilliant Beam change tire

So, would I recommend this light?  Definitely.  Are there things I would prefer to see? Sure, but they are minor quibbles.  I have a preference for a certain type of lithium battery (it has an average 10-year shelf life and a great power-drain profile), but the Energizer Max line of batteries has good shelf life these days… Up to 10 years for AAA and AA thanks to the Energizer Power Seal technology.  This light, while not expert grade by any chance, is a solid performer.  The price is low enough that it’s easy to justify, and the quality is (more than) high enough to make it worthwhile.

 While you’re checking stuff out, stop by Energizer’s Facebook page and let them know what you think about their products.  IF you’re looking for a little bit of fun, you can follow the Energizer Bunny on Twitter @EnergizerBunny

 Until next time, stay safe!