For the past five weeks, I’ve been in EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) school through Rock Valley College (FRE-223).  This is a 4.5 month, 9 credit class that will hopefully transfer into my BA program as elective credit.  At the end of the class, before I get an Illinois state license, I will have to take and pass the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians comprehensive exam.  I am excited about this, and think that it will be a good fit for my plans to get into emergency management.

I am not particularly worried about passing the class since I have taken the material before, and I am currently pulling a 95% at the first quarter mark.  I enjoy the material, and am in a position, this time, in which I can actually work an EMS job.  Last time I was licensed, I was working a 40-hour a week job that had me on pager duty practically every other weekend… Not very attractive for a prospective employer.

This time around, though, I think that the class is more strenuous than the last time I took it, which is not a bad thing.  I am enjoying  the material (again) and am eagerly awaiting the course completion and licensing so that I can start applying at the ambulance operators in town. There are at least six in the Rockford area, and more if I expand my search outwards.

The biggest challenge this time around is the fact that I am also taking two other classes for my BA program: Public Policy and American History since 1877.  The Policy class is my first 400-level class, so it is a bit intense, but I’m doing OK for now.  I’m just taking a lot of credits at the moment, and am VERY glad that I currently only work part-time.  I’d be losing my ever-lovin’ mind if I was juggling a full-time job on top of 15 credit hours of class work.