Walt Disney World during hurricane season.  An article at WDWForGrownups.com

I was asked to write an article for WDW For Grownups about hurricane safety. It went live today and has garnered a number of comments from the regulars. Many of them have visited Disney World during hurricane season and ended up at the resort through a hurricane.The consensus is that, when it comes to hurricane preparedness and such, Disney does things right. The comments in the article reflect experiences that match my research online: Disney takes care of it’s guests and cast members, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a magical experience. Disney has a great hurricane response plan in place, and they put it to good use during hurricane season.

Comments on the Facebook post also tell the tale of wonderful experiences at Disney World during hurricanes and tropical storms. Sure, there is some more (sometimes LOTS more!) rain than usual, but being so far inland, Disney World is not often in the direct path of a hurricane. In fact, since the mid 1850’s, there have been fewer than 30 hurricanes that track right through central Florida. Moreover, Disney World has shut down just a few times (something like a total of five) in order to protect guests and cast members.

So, take a look over at WDW For Grownups and see what kind of things you can expect if you go to Disney World and end up being impacted by hurricane weather!