I just finished my case study class for grad school. As the final project for the class, we had to design and write a case study on a topic that we chose ourselves. I wanted to write about the 2015 Nepal earthquakes and how (if) effectively international aid was provided. The paper is after the jump


The April 2015 earthquake in Nepal was the most damaging one in over 80 years. In one of the world’s poorest countries, the widespread destruction will be difficult to recover from, particularly with the need for secure shelter before winter. Through collected news reports and first person accounts, this paper will examine what aid the international community has provided and the level of effective use of aid money and resources. Research suggests that the international aid community could be much more effective and efficient in distribution of aid in a disaster zone, particularly if local nationals are looked to in order to provide vital labor and services in the response effort. Unfortunately, unless and until the international aid-industrial complex makes a shift away from being primarily concerned about self-preservation and enrichment and more toward providing the most value per aid dollar, the same mistakes and inefficient expenditures will continue to be repeated. Rather than treating the victims of disaster as unable to care for themselves and needing to depend on the beneficence of the international community, disaster agencies should look upon the disaster victims as survivors, and help them directly to survive, recover, and rebuild.